Saturday, April 02, 2005

Highway 1 in Mexico. Following a large motorhome pulling a Hummer. It had rained the night before. Our van was a total mess by the time we got to Loreto!
Karen's shoes. She just had to get into the water!
These ladies prepared out Continental breakfast. Fresh fruits, all cut and served in large bowls, fresh baked sweet breads and wonderful coffee. This was one of the motels we stayed in.
Eifel (of the Eifel Tower) built this church in France. He designed it and had it prefabed. It was shipped here to Santa Rosalia and put together with rivits. It's all steel, but beautiful inside.
Our cottage for the night at Bahia de Los Angeles. It was clean and cozy.
Papayas waiting to ripen!
So the story goes.....There was a legend that the right arm of this figure in front of the old church was showing the way to buried treasure left by the Spaniards. After many people spent years looking, one man was very upset at spending all his time and money, so he climbed up and broke off the arm. Inside, he found a treasure map. He followed the directions and became rich. Well......that's the story.
Many of the street vendors sold fruit cups like these for a buck. We ate our share!
On the outskirts of San Ignacio
A side wheeler with a big back hoe mounted on the bow. They must use it to keep the channel open.
What a pair!
Palms and cactus here in San Ignacio
Lots of colorful buildings in Mexico!
I just love this picture of a lady cleaning and sorting beans. This was in the Angel Cafe, in Santa Rosalia.
Mexican drag boat. I used my 12x optical telephono for this shot.
Preston found the Margaritas to be excellent (and strong)
This little restaurant is suppose to be the most romantic spot on the Baja. According to Clement Salvadori, of Rider Magazine. Clement wrote an excellent book about his many years of traveling on the Baja.
Mexican Lighthouse at the entrance to Mulege river.
Local fisherman.
Karen found the rope to ring the bell on this old church. She's having a wonderful time!
Lobster, shrimp, tuna, abolone. A nice little seafood dinner, Came with an excellent soup and salad too.
This is the shop where Karen bought her new tablecloth.
Near the mouth of the Mulege river. The only navigatable river on the Baja
Inside courtyard of a nice Hotel in Loreto.
Karen's salad at a nice upstairs restaurant in Mulege.
Mexican jungle
Our motel in Mulege.
The shopping area in Loreto. A cruise ship was in port, so there were a lot of tourists in town.
An artist placing tiny beads on a form. His finished work was beautiful!
Kokopelli! This guy gets around!
These are BIG birds. Pelican sitting on a boat stern.
A pelican taking off out of the water
It was a little too early in the season this far north for a lot of sunbathers. I think this one was a beached whale.
This is a taxi stand in Loreto. This is the phone the drivers use. They have a way to go in some of these towns!
One of our motel rooms. We didn't spend much, but had decent rooms.
Another beach.
Guerro Negro. This town is famous for having the worlds largest salt shipping plant in the world. At least that's what they advertise. Pat left her little jacket her on the way south. We stopped on the way back, not expecting to find it, but they remembered us and had it behind the counter. Wonder how long they would have kept it there. We were very happily surprised to get it back. The food was good too!
A colorful blanket in our motel room. We were the first guests in this new room, it was very nice. There were 2 double beds, they all had new blankets like this, just different patterns. K & P bought one in a tourist trap later in the trip for $25. They are very soft and warm fleese.
A wind blown Karen. That water is still COLD!
2 Pangas turned into a "Cat" boat. On the beach at Bahia de Los Angeles.
One of the many places we ate or had refreshments.
One of the many beached we visited. There is no town in the near vicintiy, no water or sewage. These are temporary spots, most have a large RV with the palapas near or over them. They go out to fill and dump when they need to. There are two good restuarants on this beach, it's about 15 miles south of Mulege.
The veranda in front of our room at the French Hotel.
It was Festival Day in Loreto. There were several groups doing Native dances. Very colorful costumes, this would have been a good time for a movie camera. I took a couple of short clips with the digital, but the quality wasn't very good.
Two fer one Happy Hour in Loreto. We've been walking all day looking at the city. Note the diet coke for the cameraman!
I thought of Pugg when I saw the Cuban Cigar sign. You can buy them anywhere down in Mexico, but you can't always tell by the wrapping if they are the real thing. The more expensive shops probably have the Cubans ones, it's places like this where you have to be careful.
Moma McLulu. She's been selling taco's out of this street booth for a 25 years. Best in town too! I met her last year, and just had to go back. Her son now owns a large restaurant across the street from her booth. She told me he sells her "left overs"
This was a tunnel that went to the smoke stack for the old Copper Mine. There was a lot of things in the old mine and in the museum that were interesting. Utemike would have gone bonkers! In fact, Mike, you may have been here sometime in the past.
The view from one of the windows in our Hotel room. The entrance to the harbor at Santa Rosalia
The pool and courtyard from out room window.